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CrashSight 2.0

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CrashSight brings simple and effective bug tracking to solo developers. You don't need a dedicated server or an expensive team collaboration setup, you just want to focus on making your apps the best they can be. CrashSight lets you do just that without all the expense and fuss that comes with a typical hosted bug tracking solution.

New in 2.0: Integrated Issue List & Dark Mode

Free-Form Description Field

The new integrated issue list shows all the issue attributes that you're familiar with, and puts the issue description as a disclosure triangle for each issue. Expand/Collapse issues to show and hide their text. This keeps everything in a single efficient view and uses less screen space while making it easier to read multiple issue's text at the same time.

Dark mode is supported! If you have customized text color or text background color in any issues, there is an option to force all text to be white when viewing in dark mode.

Free-Form Issue Descriptions

Free-Form Description Field

CrashSight's free-form description field provides a customizable template with information to fill out for each issue but allows you to tailor the description to whatever is appropriate for each bug report. Insert screenshots, images, URLs, and links to related issues within CrashSight.

Customizable Filters

Custom Filters

Customizable filters let you get a handle on all your bugs fast. Create filters to focus on areas you are actively working on such as only feature requests, or only bugs present in version 2.0 of a project.

Graphs and Metrics

Project Matrics

Project metrics allow you to see at a glance how development is progressing. A bar graph shows current issue counts by type, and the time history plot tracks issue counts over time so you can see if you are making progress or if issues are piling up faster than you can fix them.

Project-Centered Organization

Project Organization

Organize issues by project and version number for easy access to the issues of selected projects. When you're finished with a project, archive it to hide it from view and prevent further editing, but retain the knowledge-base you built up from all the bug fixes.