GateLink app

GateLink 1.3

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GateLink is a truth-table based logic design app for iOS. With GateLink you can input a truth table (up to 6 input bits) or import a truth table from a CSV file, and generate an optimized logic circuit represented as a visual schematic or VHDL program.

Logic Truth-Table Editing

Edit truth-table in GateLink

GateLink allows you to quickly generate optimized logic schematics and VHDL code from a truth-table. Select from AND-OR, NAND-NAND, NOR-NOR, and OR-AND circuit architectures, specify up to 6 input bits, and enter the truth-table outputs as either one, zero, or don't-care.

Schematic and VHDL Output

Schematic view in GateLink

GateLink will immediately create an optimized schematic and VHDL program to implement the logic described in your truth-table.

CSV Import

Import CSV files

Easily import truth tables as .CSV files by emailing them to your iPhone. Several options are available to support different CSV formats.

Email Integration

Email directly from within GateLink

It's a snap to email the results right from inside GateLink to yourself or anyone else in your address book. GateLink can email the schematic, VHDL program, and truth table.